Berkay Çubuk

What is domain and why it's important

Mon Dec 14 2020

What is domain?

Domains are public addresses for websites.

When you you’re typing my public website address. My domain is redirecting you to my server’s ip address, but it happens fast, and in the url, you will continue to see my public address.

Why it’s important?

If you’re creating a website for a brand, yourself, or a client, you’re trying to create value with that. To create value, you need a good name, something special, also something easy to remember.

I want to give you an example:

Think you’re a coffee shop, and you have a website. You started to advertise your website on social media. But there is something important your website url is “”. People will see your advertising, but when they scroll away, they don’t remember it.

In another perspective, you have a website url called “”. It is much easier to remember.

How to buy one?

In today’s world, you have ton of alternatives to buy a domain name. Just search on the internet and buy somewhere you like. But my personal advice will don’t buy from godaddy. They’ll give you the domain much cheaper, but after one year, they’ll raise the price.

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