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Problem Solver

Hi, I'm Berkay and I solve problems. Typically my solutions are software but love to work with hardware as well. Working with projects like landing pages, dashboards and custom software.

For those who technical, I'm a GNU/Linux enjoyer who can't live without Vim. Usually I work with PHP, Golang, JavaScript and CSS.

Berkay Çubuk
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What I Do

Basically, I solve problems. Problems differ from project to project, but simply I can divide it into four categories.

Static Sites

Most of my visitors and clients found me through my Hugo Static Site tutorials on YouTube. So I'm offering my knowledge and experience of static site generation concept. This includes tools like Hugo and Astro.


Dashboards are super useful for different kind of problems. I developed dashboard projects for IoT, content management and accounting. These projects uses technologies like databases, REST APIs, frontends and backends.

Custom Software

Sometimes we have super specific problem that require specific solution. For example, I developed fully featured billiard venue management software that supports both mobile and desktop devices. It's helping business I worked with to process payments and get reports about the sales and customers.


If you stuck with a problem and don't know how to solve, If it's something that I do maybe we can solve it together. So I offer consultation for the areas that I'm working with.

How we can work

If you have a project in mind and you think I'm a good fit for it, here are the ways that we can work together.


I can help you with your project by working hourly. It'll be priced by the amount of hours that I worked on it. Preffered for projects that require more ongoing support or with more relaxed timeline.

Project based

You have a project that you want to build and publish in more constrained timeline, project based work will be a better option.

Berkay knows how to ship software that just works.
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