Berkay Çubuk

I created a VsCode extension to connect with developers!

Thu Feb 25 2021

Yesterday, I released my most complicated extension to the VsCode marketplace. The core concept of Codemate is connecting with developers.

What is used to create Codemate?

In VsCode to create a extension you have to use Javascript so I used Typescript to create the extension. But, to make the development simpler I also used Svelte to create user interfaces.

For the backend, I continued with Javscript so I created it with also Typescript. To store data I used most preferred choice, MongoDB.


  • Typescript
  • Svelte

Backend / API:

  • Typescript
  • Express.js
  • Github OAuth
  • MongoDB

What are the features?

I tried to keep it simple. Right now you can,

  • customize your profile (don’t forget to pick a programming language)
  • connect with other people
  • login with Github (it’s more secure)
  • completely open source

Codemate Extension Login with Github

What are the goals?

  • Reaching out more people
  • Publishing web and mobile app
  • Adding more features to make the place more unique

You can download the extension from VsCode marketplace, thank you!

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